• 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油
  • 植物之灵焕颜精华油

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Papaya Glow Rejuvenating Facial Oil







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    100% 纯天然成分


  • PURE Papayacare Lips – My favourite lip balm! AMAZING Absolutely love this product for hydrating my lips! It’s not too thick or sticky and is super long-lasting. I literally never get dry lips anymore – Thanks PPC.
    Alli, Apr 2019
  • I just love the smell of this balm. Use it on the whole family. Use on chest, back and feet when have a cold and its all natural! Great product & Peace of mind knowing you’re putting something on your kids that doesn’t have chemicals.
    我就是喜欢这种淡淡香脂的味道。可以用在全家身上。感冒时可使用在胸部,背部和脚上,这是纯天然的伟大产品; 当你知道你给孩子们涂的东西不含化学物质的时候,你就会安心了。
    Lesley, Aug 2019
  • I have sensitive skin and rosacea. I use this every night. I love that it doesn’t leave skin oily and it has helped my rosacea. It has just about cleared up. My skin is smother and brighter. I just love the way my skin is so healthy.
    Karyn, Nov 2019
  • Noticed a difference after the first use. Skin is definitely clearer and brighter, smoother and doesn’t break out any more. Better than products twice the price. Old scars are already fading. Smells delicious, more like peaches.
    Jul 2019
  • We use the Papaya range in our clinic. We recommend it for people that have photodynamic therapy. We also recommend it for people that have had biopsies & cryotherapy for skin cancer lesions. Our patients love the products & the range is a big seller in our clinic.
    Coffs Coast皮肤癌诊所,2020年
  • It is possibly the best paw paw ointment we have found on the market. A number of patients keep coming back for more. Our staff also use it and we recommend it to all our patients who have light therapy (PDT).
  • My mum now swears by the DRV COMPLETE CARE HAND AND NAIL CREAM and at 70 years old she has smoother hands and her nails are amazing! IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!! THANK YOU G&M Cosmetics Gavin I have had breast cancer 3 times and 9 operations. My skin on my breasts is terrible as the reconstructions went wrong and I have trouble finding skincare that doesn’t make my skin break out in sores. I purchased Dr V body wash and lotion and it is absolutely brilliant for my skin. It has cleared up the skin on my breasts and stopped the itching. THANK YOU!!
    我妈妈现在非常推崇DRV全套护理和指甲霜,70岁的时候,她的手和指甲都很光滑,令人惊叹!这是难以置信的! !谢谢G&M化妆品公司。我患过3次乳腺癌,做过9次手术。我乳房上的皮肤很糟糕,因为重建失败了,我很难找到一种不会让我的皮肤长疮的护肤品。我买了Dr V沐浴露和润肤露,对我的皮肤来说绝对是光彩夺目的。它清理了我乳房上的皮肤,也止痒了。谢谢你! !
    Susan Disley
  • NATIVE AUST LAVENDER OIL…IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!! My kids get bad growing pains especially in their legs and now I use the lavender oil and you can LITERALLY see the relief on their faces. I use it on their pulse points and also in an electric diffuser its much stronger than other essential oils that cost a ridiculous amount. THANK YOU for the peaceful nights free of pain!!
    Cheyenne Mackey‎,Jun 2019
  • WOW WHAT A NIGHT CREAM!! Great Australian Made cream, this Native Australian Lanolin night cream is amazing on my oily skin so nice and not shiny at all, I woke up and my skin was refreshed and amazingly soft. WOW!
    Jenny, Nov 2018
  • I really love these Macadamia Oil Cream 250 g MKII creams. It blends so well with my skin. So soft and smooth. Works well as a makeup base too. Not forgetting smells soooo good. Will definitely be buying more and more!!
    Sharmaine Theresa Jansen, Aug 2017
  • I can use literally no brand of body moisturizers as everything makes my skin itch and burn. I bought your MKII Vitamin E Skin Repair Cream and BEHOLD! No itching and no burning and it smells amazing- FANTASTIC!!
    Kimberley Jade, Feb 2019
  • 6 months ago, I tried the Australian Lanolin Oil Cream, and the results have been remarkable. After healing scars on my hands it has gradually helped fade them to the same colour as the surrounding skin. I am so grateful for your product. You have a customer for LIFE!
    Hugh Preston, May 2020
  • Your Aust Lemon Tea Tree cream is the best cream ever. I am an aged pensioner who had his left arm amputated many years ago. Nothing compares to your product therefore I can only thank you for the relief this has given me.
    Anthony Holtom, Jac 2017
  • I’ve been using your products for years, since I contracted dermatitis- the Goats Milk and Manuka Honey cream which has greatly help heal my hand and feet. It has done more for me than all the treatments I have ever been prescribed. Thank you for an amazing product!!
    Heather Little, Dec 2019
  • I love the Emu Oil MKII cream. I have dull & dry skin which have come to life since I started using it. My cuticles and heels are soft and supple. My skin absorbs it easily, I am left with a light radiance which is flattering! I highly recommend it.
    Marina Gwithian Barker, Jan 2018
  • I have to tell everybody out there that this is the most FANTASTIC CREAM, especially for those who suffer from Eczema or Dermatitis. The Australian EUCALYPTUS OIL cream has all the ingredients required to control my GROVERS DISEASE. My life has changed, I now never use steroid creams, my immune system is so much stronger and my skin is fantastic.
    我必须告诉大家,这是最神奇的护肤霜,特别是对那些患有湿疹或者皮炎的人。这款Australian EUCALYPTUS OIL cream所蕴含着缓解格罗夫斯病所需的有效成分 ,我的生活也得到了改变,我再也不用类固醇类得护肤霜了,我的免疫系统开始增强,肌肤也开始变棒了。
    Frankie Brand, Apr 2020





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